Careers at Cloud9

Why Cloud9 Estates?

At Cloud9 we believe in creating a second home for our team members, our team members spend most of their life at work so it’s our responsibility to make them feel comfortable and at home when in work.  Everyone is a piece of a big jigsaw puzzle and our puzzle is made up of our team members.

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Detailed induction programme

We have placed ourselves in the shoes of our new starters as a result we have created a detailed programme which every member undertakes.  The programme has evolved and further developed this has been done by us obtaining feedback from frontline. 


What will you receive back in return

By joining Cloud9 you will gain training, a dedicated role, further development, promotion for those wanting to grow & further themselves within the business.  You will gain respect from everyone in the team, you will be empowered and be a part of any decision making.  

Let’s share an example of this with you: 
Our new branding was created by the team, that’s right from the colour, the cloud shape and even the business cards, compliment slips were selected by the team this alone demonstrates that our team is part of the Cloud9 family decision making process.