At Cloud9 Estates we take enormous pride in all of the properties we manage, in fact, we treat them as if they are our own.

Reporting Maintenance:

Let Only Properties
To report a maintenance issue, you need to contact your Landlord directly. You will be able to find all their details on your welcome email.
Managed Properties
If you have any issues in your property, you can relax knowing that we will do our utmost to ensure your issue is investigated and resolved as soon as possible with minimum disruption to yourself.
To report any issues please call us on 02476 263660 or email if not urgent Please note we will need the following information:
  • What is the problem?
  • Where – In which room / specific area in that room?
  • How long has it been an issue?
  • Have any contractors been to the property recently for the same issue?
  • Pictures / Videos of the issue
If there is an emergency maintenance issue at your property, please call us ASAP on 02476 263 660.
An example of an emergency would be if you smell gas, you have no heating or hot water during the weekend. If there is an emergency such as a fire or break in, please call the emergency services on 999 or 111 and report this to us once the emergency services have been contacted our number is 02476 263 660.

Common Maintenance Issues:

Damp / Mould / Condensation
A lot of people will report that there is damp in their property but it may not necessarily be correct. If there is damp the paint will be discoloured, you can see a water mark, the wall may be wet, it will likely be an outside not internal wall, and it will have a high moisture reading. This could be caused by a whole host of things such as gaps in the rendering on the outside of the house, blocked drains or leaky drainpipes outside which are causing water to come through from outside. Rising damp will start at the floor but not all damp is rising.
People often confuse damp with condensation and mould. Condensation occurs when warm air in the house condenses on cold surfaces which is why it normally occurs in winter. The way to solve this problem is to increase air flow and reduce water vapour in the air. This can be done by opening trickle vents on windows if they have them, regularly opening windows especially in the kitchen and bathroom and using extractor fans. Water vapour can be reduced by not drying clothes indoors on racks and radiators and using dehumidifiers.
Too much condensation will lead to mould growth. Mould can be cleaned off with a sponge and water or a diluted bleach or mould spray solution (Do not use on coloured surfaces!) but unless the condensation problem is fixed then it will just grow back.
Please refer to your tenancy the last page provides information and guidance on how to prevent and or treat mould and condensation.
Locked Out
During office opening hours (9am – 5pm)
If you are locked out of your room or house you are welcome to call our office there may be a permitted charge for the handyman to come to you and let you in.
If you have lost your keys, you are welcome to pop into our office, collect a freshly cut key, we will do this for you, a permitted charge will need to be paid.
Out of Hours
If you are locked out outside of our opening hours you will need to call a locksmith who will assist you. Please note, these costs will be at your own expense.  If the locks need to be changed it is important that you inform our maintenance department when we reopen so we can make sure we also have correct keys for the property, you will be required to pop in and drop off x2 copies of the key, one for us and one for the landlord, it’s also important that you hand your key back in at the end of the tenancy so that you are not charged for not returning your key.
Leaks are generally caused by two reasons.
  1. There can be a fault with something like a shower, washing machine or boiler which will generally require a plumber
  2. After heavy rain and there is a problem with a roof, window seal or drainpipe.
If you have a leak in your property, please contact us to report the problem following our ‘Reporting Maintenance’ section.
No Lights / No Electricity
Don’t panic! There is probably a very simple solution! You may just need to change the bulb. However if you have done this and the lights are still not working the most common causes for this are:
  1.  Electricity is paid for by a prepayment meter. This is a small device that you take to a corner shop and add money to like a top up card for a phone. You then plug it in the meter and it will show you how much credit you have. If it runs out, you won’t have any electricity. You can top up your key at your local post office. If you’re not sure where your local post office is please click here.
  2. The second reason is that the circuit breakers have tripped (Most people call this a fuse box or consumer unit).
If an appliance breaks it will create a surge of power into the circuit so the breakers job is to stop this surge of power by tripping and turning the electric on that circuit off. Most the time, you will have to unplug the faulty appliance and then simply flick the tripped switch back up. If it keeps tripping despite doing this, you will likely need an electrician.
If you suspect you have rodents in your property, don’t panic give us a call and we can arrange for pest control to come and remove them. However, you can avoid the risk of rodents buy storing food away properly in sealed packets / tupper-ware boxes and not letting your bins overflow/food lying around.
Don’t know what a thermostat is or how to use it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! You’d be surprised how many people don’t know either! There will be a dial or control panel somewhere in the house which you can move up or down. The heating will turn on until the house reaches the temperature you have set it to, and then it will go off. So if the house is cold and the thermostat is set to 19 degrees for example, you will need to turn the thermostat up to the temperature you want.
Another reason could be that the radiators are not turned on. There is a dial at the bottom of the radiators which controls how much of the heat is emitted, normally the higher the number the more heat.
If the problem persists after this, there may be a boiler fault. Please take a picture of the boiler control panel, you can tell immediately if there is boiler problem if the pressure is low or if there are warning lights. In this case, a plumber may be needed.
Emergency Contacts
If you are in one of our managed properties and have an emergency maintenance issue when the office is closed. Please contact one of the following contractors below. Please make sure you email us with photos and video of what exactly happened. If you instruct contractors to do work that do not fit the criteria then you may be liable for the cost of the bill.
An example of an emergency would be you smell gas or you have no heating or hot water during the weekend.
If there is an emergency such as a fire or break in please call the emergency services on 999 or 111
R J Parker –02476 659 4171 please call for out of hours quotes
Clements Locksmiths – 02476 601 9564 please call for out of hours.
Agencies will not pay for a locksmith bill if you lock yourself out. 

Plumbing and Gas Emergencies
Gas emergency line – 0800111999
Call our office there will be a number listed to contact when dialling that number you will be automatically diverted to the contractor.
Electrical Emergencies
Call our office there will be a number listed to contact when dialling that number you will be automatically diverted to the contractor.